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Who is Convenience Sales Network?

Convenience Sales Network is one of the nation's largest convenience store brokers, representing over forty five of the industry's finest and most popular manufacturers. Convenience Sales Network is located in Murrieta, California with nine sales offices located throughout the western United States. Convenience Sales Network has built relationships with all major convenience store retailers and their suppliers in thirteen states. They have done this by working closely with manufacturers to develop successful programs for both retailers and suppliers. A testimony to this is Convenience Sales Network's growth into its dominant position within the industry.


CSN, a Delaware corporation, is the result of a merger of two brokerage companies, Convenience Sales Network of Southern California Inc. and Convenience Sales Network Inc., whose respective founders are John Duncan and Curt Bachand. This merger created a leading food brokerage company focusing on the Convenience Store Industry.

The Company benefits from the Founders' combined industry experience and established long term relationships with manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the Convenience Store Industry. The Company represents dozens of manufacturers and has developed relationships with retailers and distributors throughout the United State and Mexico.

CSN's success and growth is a result of our performance and unconditional commitment to our customers satisfaction. We are proud of our contribution to the success of all manufacturers and customers that we represent and are excited about the future prospects.

CSN is grateful to all its customers for the opportunity to work with them and share the excitement of achieving enduring market leadership. We look forward to continually undertaking new challenges.