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Business Approach
Mission Statement

To be respected for being honest, knowledgeable, hard working and operating with the utmost degree of ethics.

To do anything within our power to build our Principals' business and to provide every service possible to assist them in that effort.

To provide the highest quality sales and marketing services to our client retailers and distributors.

To consistently be recognized as the very best and most innovative brokerage company for the convenience store industry anywhere.

To offer competitive career opportunities to all of our employees and acknowledge them as a valued member of the CSN Family.


CSN recognizes that the convenience store industry is a dynamic market in constant change, continuously looking for innovations and following new trends. By providing manufacturers and retailers with up-to-date market information, including category movement and market share, we can make sound recommendations which ultimately lead to increased profitability.

CSN believes that the convenience store industry's success depends on a synergy between manufacturers' commitment to offer high quality and innovative products on one hand and retailers to optimize the sales of these products at the street level on the other hand.

Consistent with our philosophy, CSN is committed to ensure a sustained street presence in order to optimize sales and profitability and as a result, benefit both ends of the industry: the manufacturer and the retailer.


Maximize Sales on Existing Lines: We believe this is the primary means for sales growth. We have achieved growth by continuous emphasis on the basics of the business: distribution, category & schematic management, promotional strategies and pricing strategies.

New Principals: The securing of new lines is a direct result of our achievements with our existing lines.

Customers: Our commitment to our customers is essential to the growth of our organization and our principals.

Future Growth: Our plan calls for growth from:

  • Expanding market share on existing products
  • New item and line extensions
  • New principal appointments
  • Buy-out potential of other brokerage companies